1. Pick a buddy
The death knell for any Nuit Blanche experience is trying to co-ordinate a group of drunk friends, all with different ideas of what they want to see, into one cohesive exploring team. The hard truth is, Nuit Blanche is better experienced with one or two other people who want the same sort of experience you do. Pick your partner wisely, set out a strategy, and meet the rest of your friends at the bar.

2. Choose what you absolutely MUST see.
There are 130 different projects on offer at Nuit Blanche, but it’s a strange and true phenomenon that crowds and lack of planning can often result in the feeling that you haven’t seen anything. We recommend you pick one or two installations you have to see-and are willing to wait in line or trek far away for. See these early in the night, and you’ll be free to ramble around catching what you can for the rest of the event. Check out our guide for the best picks.

3. Know where to pee

4. Get drunk later
If you’re serious about seeing art, save your heavy drinking for later in the night.

5. Commit to a mode of transportation
If you’re walking, wear good shoes. If you’re biking, be safe. If you’re taking the TTC (ARE YOU CRAZY?) have extra tokens and be prepared to snuggle. Make sure whoever you’re with, you’re all down to move around the city in the same way.

6. Download the App!
There is a free App AKA The Night Navigator, and it will prevent arguments between you and your bf. (Direction fights are the worst.) Download this puppy and it will locate all the Nuit Blanche exhibitions in your area, tell you what is the closest and direct you to nearest subway. If you are an organization freak, plan your entire night with the My Night feature. 

7. Be prepared
Nuit Blanche is usually freezing, always crowded, and can induce crankiness if you’re not careful. Bundle up, bring a warm beverage, chill, and play to your strengths. If you hate crowds, head to out of the way installations. If you don’t feel like walking around in the cold, pick somewhere like the Drake, the Gladstone, or 401 Richmond, where you can see a few different projects in one place, and post up all night. And if you’re an early riser, definitely, definitely tuck in early and set your alarm for 5 am on Sunday. Grab a coffee and a fresh croissant, and enjoy the installations as the sun rises and most people are stumbling home.

~Words and photo by Haley Cullingham