There are certain things a man will do with his body to indicate that he is interested in a woman. Not every man is the same, of course, but there are basic movements and stances, whether intentional or unintentional, that a man will make to show that he’s signaled you out. Here is a guideline that will help you decipher his body language, literally from head to toe.

NOTE: I’ll be periodically referring to the Cowpoke Stance, which is a stance a guy will take when he wants to seem bigger, stronger, and, in general, more masculine to a female. It’s also referred to as the Courtship Stance, but Cowpoke is much more enjoyable to type out.

1. Head: While he’s talking to you, he may have his head slightly tilted to one side. This is part of his Cowpoke Stance.

2. Eyebrows: If you meet his eyes across the room, bar, laundry mat, or wherever, and his eyebrows rise up and then go back down, this is an indication that he is open to having a conversation with you.

3. Eyes: The first obvious indication that he is interested is his extended eye contact. The second, perhaps less obvious indication is that he’s looking at you in a triangular manner, which means, he looks at your one eye, then the other, then shifts his eyes to your nose, then your mouth. Also, look at his pupils. If he’s into you, his pupils will be dilated and he will blink more frequently.

4. Nostrils: I don’t know about this, but since I read it somewhere, I thought I’d throw it in. You might be able to tell if he’s at least flirting with you if he flares his nostrils. It is a way to make his face appear wider.

5. Chest: The guy may stand with his chest out. This is a big indication that he has taken on the Cowpoke Stance.

6. Gut: He may be sucking his gut in while he is standing there with his chest out. Another indication of the Cowpoke Stance.

7. Arms: Another way for a man to want to appear more masculine is by flexing his arms (hopefully, subconsciously), or stretching, or anything that involves wide-arm gesturing. Warning: Crossed arms might indicate that he’d rather be talking to someone else.

8. Hands: If he’s confident, he may stand with his hands on his hips, or hooks his thumbs into his pockets or in his belt loop, with his fingers pointed toward his genitals. That’s right! Cowpoke Stance! And, just like a woman, a man may show he’s interested by preening himself, such as smoothing his hair or adjusting his sleeve. Or if you catch him biting his nails, it may indicate that he’s interested, but nervous. Warning: If he’s touching his face a lot while talking about something specific, this may be an indication that he’s lying or holding something back. If he’s tapping his fingers, this may be an indication that he’s bored. Either way, move on.

9. Legs: Another Cowpoke Stance indicator: He’s standing with his legs relaxed and spread shoulders width-apart.

10. Toes: They should be pointed toward you while he’s in his stance. However, if he’s seated and his legs are crossed, but his toes are pointed toward you, it’s a safe assumption that he’s interested. Warning: If his legs are crossed and his toes are pointed toward someone else, well…I don’t have to tell you.

A common mixed signal: If his body is turned toward you, but he’s looking away while he’s talking to you, it could mean that he’s interested, but self-conscious and not sure how to proceed.

I found it interesting to learn that it is part of men’s DNA to display their alpha maleness not only to attract women but to mark their territory. They want to show that they are strong and masculine for two reasons: 1) To appear attractive to women, and 2) To scare off other men. So, if a guy is talking to you with his legs spread and his arms outstretched– if he is literally taking up room– it’s just his little way of warding off the competition so he could have you all to himself. Aww, isn’t that cute?