It’s easy to get caught up in things like fall fashion, TIFF celebrity buzz, premieres on TV and other fun fluff. It often takes a jarring news headline or a startling image to make us think about horrible issues in other parts of the world. But the devastating conflict in the Democratic Republic of Congo is something we all need to turn our attention to right now. This week, we encourage you to walk away from your hectic schedule for thirty minutes and visit the photo exhibit I’M STILL HERE at Oz Studio.

Curated by Shedoesthecity contributer, Olga Barsky, I’M STILL HERE is a photo exhibit that aims to raise awareness for the deteriorating human context in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

At the same time the show hopes to celebrate the love, the stories and the incredible resilience that characterizes the subjects of these works.

A reception will be held this Friday, Sept 21, from 7pm-10pm. The talented and devoted photographer, Emily Cavan Lynch, will fly in from the Congo to meet and chat with guests. Beyond her riveting photography work, Emily also works for one of the world’s largest medical aid organizations.

The show runs from Sept 17- Sept 21st. 

Event details here.