What is Festival Music House? It’s a 3-day, invite-only music festival during TIFF that’s targeted at producers, directors, writers, and all other industry movers and shakers. This year, it was held at The Virgin Mobile Mod Club on College and gave the festival-crazed crowd a place to hang and relax in between gala premieres and late night revelry. Of course, it’s also an excellent opportunity to check out amazing live music that pleases audiophiles of all stripes.

We checked out the FMH scene on September 11th and beyond bands we love, we were also treated to fried chicken and biscuits along with zingy Absolut vodka elderflower cocktails; it was a refreshing change of pace from the usual TIFF scene.

Even though the lineup featured seasoned musical acts such as Dan Mangan, Down With Webster and Wintersleep, the most notable performances Kingston’s PS I Love You and Vancouver’s Hey Ocean!

Along with giving film industry elite an exclusive and intimate experience, FMH has also been hailed by CTV as TIFF’s best party, and in its 3rd year, is undeniably a key party player on the film industry circuit 

~ Iris Leung