Lisa Kelly has been sober for 14 years, and understands the potential, and power of real transformation. We know her from the rooms of recovery, where she regularly shares advice loaded with wisdom. She’s now taken her experience and expertise and built a 5-week course (that meets weekly on Thursday evenings), and we’re certain it will enhance your ongoing recovery.

In the Infinite Possibilities course, Lisa will help you discover how powerful you actually are when it comes to manifesting your dreams and desires. You’ll learn how to harness your thoughts, beliefs and feelings and move past limiting beliefs and negative self-talk in order to manifest your vision through deliberate, and consistent actions.

Week #1 July 23, 7pm – 8pm (45mins – 1 hour) – Thoughts become Things

Week #2 July 30, 7pm – 9pm (2 hrs) – Beliefs and Perceptions

Week #3 Aug. 6, 7pm – 9pm (2 hrs) – Emotions 

Week #4 Aug. 13, 7pm – 8:30 or 9pm (1.5 – 2 hours) – Taking Action 

Week #5 Aug. 20, 7pm – 8pm (1hour to 75mins) – Instincts, Hunches, Dreams and Desires 

Key Takeaways of Infinite Possibilities:

You will walk away from the program with –

• A new found self-awareness and practical tools to keep living deliberately and creating consciously.

• An understanding of the limiting beliefs that are holding you back and how to move past them and instead create more of what you want.

• Tools and resources for creating happiness NOW so you can have better relationships and connection in all areas of your life.

• A renewed sense of trust that everything you desire is within your reach and knowledge of how to attain in and find joy in every moment.

• A helpful workbook with all the course content and exercises

With practice of the IP course principles, you will begin to see how your dream life is possible and actually expect and see miracles daily.

Whether you are newly sober, or are in long-term recovery, Lisa’s Infinite Possibilities: The Art of Living Your Dreams course will invigorate your journey, and give you practical exercises that will help you realize your goals, and discover life paths that may have been difficult to see, but await your discovery. Put another way: this is the kick in the ass that can help move you from the muck of self doubt and cyclical patterns that aren’t serving you, to a brighter future.

Cost is $97. More info and registration here