This past weekend, we teamed up with Audioblood to host in-store performances from three very different but equally great bands. Toronto’s Inlet Sound, Adelaide’s The Aves and Halifax’s The Town Heroes took over Model Citizen in Kensington Market, and we took a break from coveting screenprinted t-shirts and unique jewellery to have a dance attack. What’s a dance attack, you ask? A dance attack occurs when you are overtaken by an uncontrollable urge to lose it on the dancefloor, and the only thing you can do is DANCE THE WORLD INTO MOTHERFUCKING PIECES! (Andrew W.K. said that, and he is very wise.)

The evening started with the hypnotizing tunes of Inlet Sound, who in addition to rocking a stand up bass and some great tracks from their EP treated the crowd to some new stuff, including a great cover of The Wooden Sky’s Weighty Ghost (a song that causes me to melt into a pile of nostalgia). Afterwards, Australia’s The Aves put on a high-energy performace that had us dancing, hard, in the front row. There’s a touch of Japandroids about them, and lead singer Lucy is our newest crush. Continuing the party and keeping up our front-row-dance-jam, East Coasters The Town Heroes filled the small space with huge sound, rocking hard and sending us out into the night ready to LIVE LIKE THERE’S NO TOMORROW!

All these bands are on the edge of great things. Inlet Sound are working on their new album with producer Lawrence Currie (who’s worked with Holy Fuck, Sloan, Wintersleep and Het Rosetta!), The Aves are finishing up a North American tour then cutting a single in New York before heading home and record an EP, and The Town Heroes are gigging for the rest of the summer then recording a new album. Keep your ears perked!

~ Haley Cullingham, Photos by Becca Lemire

Photos by Becca Lemire (Click to Enlarge)