Despite the hilarious-because-it’s-true picture accompanying this post, we actually don’t want you to drunk text your exes and quietly sob yourselves to sleep this coming February 14th. Fuck that. Valentine’s Day seems to always either be about lovey couples feeling good about themselves and or sad, lonely singles feeling shitty. Again, fuck that.

All the stuff geared to single girls around this time of year is all about “surviving” Valentine’s Day and “ways to get through it.” As if you’re just barely making it through the day, ready to hurl yourself off a bridge if that clock doesn’t strike midnight on the 15th like RIGHT NOW SOHELPMECUPID. Bitch, please: If you and some of your girlfriends are kickin’ it solo styles this year, you shouldn’t throw yourselves a pity party – but you COULD throw yourselves an actual party! (Wasn’t that transition awesome?) Invite your friends over for some single celebration and check your woe is me at the door by indulging in some of these fun ideas.

I like to kinda just ignore it all together, whether coupled or single, ’cause, come on, the day is kiiiiiiind of lame (I’m taking you out because Hallmark says I’m an asshole if I don’t! So romantic) (Also, there is no better reality check than working Valentine’s at a restaurant and watching all the forced romance and fighting couples just out because they have to, yikes) but I could def get into some of these party ideas. Mostly the last one. 

Eat: Have everyone bring a different sweet treat – red and pink cupcakes, macarons, cake, pastries, chocolate-covered strawberries – and set up a dessert bar! Yum.

Drink: Mix delicious Valentine’s-themed drinks like a Raspberry-Cran-Vodka cocktail (vodka, cranberry juice and whole raspberries for decoration, supes simple), Kir Royales or red jello shots.

Do: Watch awesome girl movies like Kissing Jessica SteinDrop Dead GorgeousCluelessTank Girl and Dirty Dancing (wet and naked Patrick Swayze!). 

You could have a lingerie swap – everyone brings one or two new pieces of lingerie, pair of underwear, a bra, etc. – swaps them – and goes home with something sexy.

Or, everyone brings a brand new lipstick as a small gift – put them in a grab bowl and pass it around.

Make personalized goodie bags for your guests as parting gifts – fill ’em with cinnamon hearts, pink and red ju-jubes, Hershey’s Kisses and handmade Valentine’s cards, the kind you’d bring for your classmates in elementary school. Doilies and sparkles ftw!

The evening doesn’t have to end there – head out to the bar after! There will be plenty of Valentine’s happenings for everyone. We’re all about getting our sing on at Worn’s Heartbreak Karaoke Party.

Or, if all else fails, have a Ryan Gosling movie marathon. I kind of just want to do this anyway though, Valentine’s Day or not.

~ Lindsay Tapscott