Katelyn Di Giulio has been going at it since age 3 and she’s certainly not stopping now. The girl who once glued herself–figuratively speaking–to her Playskool easel will be setting up shop on Friday in Nathan Phillips Square for the 48th annual Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition.

One look at Di Giulio’s website (http://www.katelyndigiulio.com) and you’ll notice that she’s wildly prolific. She works in photography, painting, sculpture, mixed media, collage, and creates her iconic hoops (http://www.katelyndigiulio.com/hoops).

Di Giulio’s work at the TOAE will play with the idea of the feminine, incorporating craft work, pop culture and film, fabrics and fashion, vintage and kitsch. Because she has been mulling over these themes for so long, and so much of the works’ creation involves mixed-media and collage, Di Giulio’s art is highly process-based, and the pieces are mostly series-oriented.

“Each piece is somehow connected to the others…and ideas are recycled to create a practically literal thread running between the works,” explains the artiste.

To create her works, Di Giulio relies on both happenstance and nostalgia. “Part of my process is the collecting of these materials. I save fabrics with sentimental meaning, and incorporate old costume jewelry of my mother and grandmothers.”

Check Katelyn—and the rest of the artists at the TOAE— she’ll be hangin out in Booth Green 374.