The best way we can recall our Nuit Blanche? A compendium of the weird and wonderful texts you always find on your phone when you finally roll into bed at 7 am.

Text sent at: 12:01 am. “Where are you? What have you seen? Meet me in Queen’s Park by the protest signs!”
Text received at: 12:25 am. “?????”
Text sent at: 12:28 am. “Why did you send me only question marks?
Text received at: 12:32 am. “They’re art.”
Text received at: 2:50 am. “Just ran compulsively in a circle trying to control a sound sensor machine. Going pee in Tim Horton’s. See you soon.”
Text sent at: 3:05 am. “I’m talking to a guy outside Wicked. He’s dressed in an el wire suit and eating hot dogs. I’ll buy you one.”
Text recieved at: 3:38 am. “Drake giant clown face! Eating Poutini’s. Meet me at the marshmallow tree on Ossington. Nom.”
Text sent at: 4:02 am. “Text haikus now! Let’s go see more Nuit Blanche art. Hands are really cold.”

(Photos by Angie Bird – Click to Enlarge)