Introducing a special column by our office dog Rocky: Rocky reviews MyPuppy.Ca

Hi!Hi!Hi! My name is Rocky!! The vet told my mommy that I’m the biggest and happiest Pomeranian he’d ever met!!! (Years later, Mom is still beaming with pride.) I am also very hyper. VERY. My two favourite activities are getting tummy rubs and chasing my icky green ball. You may recognize me from the Shedoesthecity Instagram and Twitter feeds; I’ve been the on-site office manager for the past few years. My main duties have included alerting everyone when a courier arrives, and ensuring that my mommy takes breaks in the day to get fresh air and exercise by taking me for walks. However, I’ve been recruited back to the editorial team for an important assignment. Have you heard of MyPuppy.Ca? I’m chasing my tail in a circle and flipping my fuzzy-wuzzle toy at high speed to get your attention because by Purina is super-doggy-wooftastic!!!

MyPuppy.Ca is a wonderful site for pups, their families, and people who are considering adopting a puppy. (There’s even a fun questionnaire which helps you figure out which breed is best for you!) But here’s why I really love this site:

Training Tips!

I am good at many things (being happy, running fast, lying still on my back for hours) but I wasn’t good at toilet training 🙁 I think my mom could have benefited from the tips on because she was always mopping the floor and discovering little messes I made in sneaky places. I’m better now, but it was a long and hard journey.

Feeding Tips!

My daddy loves to cook, and I enjoy being a sous-chef in the kitchen. I watch him slice and dice and follow him to the fridge; he sometimes lets me try things out. BUT THAT’S NOT ALWAYS A GOOD IDEA!!!! One time a chorizo sausage fell off the counter and aye-aye-chihuahua, it was too spicy for me!!! I started to shake and mom had to sit with me outside to cool down. Then I had diarrhea. It wasn’t fun. lets you know how to properly feed your pet.

Signs of Illness!

Once I snuck into my mom’s purse and stole her espresso brownie. I had to be rushed to the emergency room and had my stomach pumped with charcoal. Guys, I could have died. (Maybe.) It’s hard to know what to do when your puppy is sick because, although we understand you, you sometimes don’t understand us. I can make sad eyes and become lathargic, but that can mean a lot of different things. Signs of Illness, vaccinations, neutering, parasites, pet insurance: It’s all there on! Use it! WOOOF!

I could go on and on, but really, just try it out! You can enter your pup’s info to customize your experience and get the best tips for your dog.

For the next few weeks, I’m going to interview pals of mine to see what they like about Stay tuned for reports from Daisy, Marshall, Jolene, and Roxxxy (my hubba-hubba houndog girlfriend.) In the meantime, enter the contest and win big for your pup!

Sign your pup up today and let MyPuppy.Ca help you with your journey growing up together. 


Your bud,

Pssst: I think if you sign up you may get complimentary dog food to try.


  1. Olga Barsky
    April 15, 2013


  2. Monica Heisey
    April 15, 2013

    where is the part where rocky writes about how much he loves to eat human flesh aka my giant knee scab during the summer of 2010

  3. She Does The City
    April 15, 2013

    Olga Barsky…Rocky would like to interview Benny and Junior this week. Cool?

  4. Olga Barsky
    April 15, 2013


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