Parenting is hectic as hell. Not all parents work 9-5, and kids’ schedules and interests can change on a dime.

That’s where PipsPass comes in. It is Canada’s only class pass system for kids. It offers a wide range of fun and learning for children 0-15; things like robotics, rock climbing, horseback riding, judo, yoga, chess clubs, gymnastics and acting classes. You can buy flexible, affordable packages of 3, 5 or 10 classes, and scheduling can be done online 24 hours a day. Their goal is to provide the kind of flexibility families need to put the fun back in recreation.

PipsPass is the brainchild of two Toronto sisters, Arielle Holden (CEO) and Aviva Wittenberg (CTO), with four kids between them. They hit some snags in finding programs for their kids – without committing to months at a time (not to mention time-consuming research finding quality activities). Every partner on PipsPass has been vetted for quality so parents don’t need to spend hours on Google to ensure classes meet expectations. Their goal is really to put kids in the driver’s seat, and help parents manage schedules.

There is no minimum class commitment for each provider, so one class here and there is fine – even encouraged.

Sound good? Check it out here.