One of Toronto’s favourite indie bands is embarking on a cross-country tour this week-and to help raise funds and say see-ya, they packed the coolest kids in the 416 into Sneaky Dee’s and serenaded them with Beatles songs.

Members of Make Your Exit ( and Sandman Viper Command ( joined the Balconies ( onstage for this 60’s and 70’s jam-which saw band members switching instruments and genres like Chatroulette. Sweaty kids danced to covers of Fleetwood Mac, Michael Jackson, Neil Young, and Cream. It was one of those evenings that prompted you to text anyone you know who’d ever left Toronto, and try to convince them they should probably move back. Described by the drunken be-suited MC (a dapper Branko of Dinosaur Bones) as a ‘music orgasm,’ we liken it to the coolest bar mitzvah you never went to-great tunes, cheap beers, and a jar accepting donations to help buy the Balconies roadside burritos. They’re traversing the country to the West Coast and back for the month of April. Tell your friends!