So, I have a few confessions. Before last night, I knew very little about Jeremy Laing (omg, right?) and I am absolutely whole-heartedly obsessed with the 90s. So with these two statements out of the way, let me start with the fact that Jeremy Laing’s Spring 2013 collection spoke to my inner-90s child last night.

His collection, which was a part of The Shows—an event that brings Canadian designers who show abroad, back home—was the epitome of cool and effortless. I was instantly obsessed with Laing’s use of cargo pockets here, there and everywhere and slouchy athletic pieces. I finally diverted my eyes to the models’ faces when I realized, they had half a head of cornrows, my heart melted into a pool of love for Laing and the show continued.

I am obsessed (obsessed, I tell you!) with the dress that has tear away trackpant buttons across the middle of the piece. It’s like an ode to the 90s tearaway without actually stooping to the level of the pant, plus it makes me think that this dress also functions as a super awesome crop top. This also melted my heart.

Laing is a designer from Toronto who shows his collection in New York and is seriously loved by the Toronto Fashion crowd—the event was bursting at the seams with bloggers, editors, and lovers of the Laing.

Give me cornrows, cargo pockets, and tear away dresses for spring or give me nothing at all! Seriously, you guys. Jeremy Laing rules.

~ Meredith Gillies

Photos by Becca Lemire (Click to Enlarge)