Let it be on record that we wish to perfect an insult as excellent as Victoria Grayson’s icy kindness. Although, to be honest, Conrad’s giving her a run for her money in the cool-handed bitchery department. Revenge isa sprawling, delectable treat; a prime time soap opera so resplendently ridiculous––so indescribably addicting, that we almost forget that it was a reworking of the Dumas’ novel, The Count of Monte Cristo. For the last year, we spent every Wednesday huddled at home watching my generation’s answer to Dynasty.

Last night, JOE Fresh and FLARE teamed up to throw a grand season finale bash, projecting the episode onto a wall at the JOE Fresh Queen West location, We came for the show and stayed for the bright orange Negronis. And the discounts. Let’s just say that we were all about the impulse buy. We picked out a charming white and navy shift dress––clearly in the spirit of  Hamptons’ prepster chic. 

We noticed a lot of familiar faces from the earlier Rodarte party, so let’s give you some new ones. We spotted power-fashion couple Joe Mimran, and Kimberly Newport-Mimran. Newport-Mimran wore one of our favourite JOE Fresh pieces, a futuristic white mini that wouldn’t look out of place in William Klein’s Who Are You, Polly Magoo?, though her take on it was decidedly preppy. We also saw a very much alive, Christa B. Allen (Charlotte Grayson) as she graciously mingled with guests while checking out the JOE Fresh summer line.

We won’t spoil the show for you, but let’s just say it was great to silently gasp en-masse.

~ Natasha Hunt, pictured with Charlotte Grayson