Joe Fresh keeping us beautiful in tough times

Last week the Joe Fresh showroom opened its doors to scrutinizing fashion editors, gossip columnists and style divas of Toronto to introduce the new Joe Fresh Beauty line of cosmetics. Doe-eyed model Lisa Cant chatted with Flare’s, always polished, Lisa Tant. PR mavens who exclaimed “OMG I LOOK LIKE SHIT” got touch ups, bum-less teenage models seemed lost, Steven and Chris wore more make-up than anyone, the Weston’s did their thang and lighting up the centre of the room was silver fox Joe Mimran; father of all things stylish and affordable.

If we’ve learned one thing about Mr. Mimran over the past couple decades, it’s that he does not disappoint so we already knew that we’d like the make-up; especially when the cost is comparable to a Starbucks latte. Further to a fresh palette of clean but bold looks, we like the way that traditional make-up has taken on fun forms that make us feel like we are playing with art on our face like the Matte Lip Crayons that help us draw in our mouth and Cheek Stains that when streaked on give us that instant after-sex glow.

It is one thing to be excited at a swanky launch party but the real test comes on Saturday night; your best girlfriends are always the panel of truth. Walking out on to the street with my umbrella, I wasn’t sure whether the tint of Apple I scribbled on my lips would be met with approval or distaste. There’s nothing worse when you decide to go bold with make-up and upon meeting friends get this reaction:

“WHAT ARE YOU WEARING, THAT’S DIFFERENT!” but with a tone that suggests “WTF is on your face?” Suddenly you start madly kissing your hand in an attempt to fade, become incredibly self-conscious, hiding behind mugs and scarves. Alas, the response I received was quite the contrary, “OOOOh, your make-up looks terrific, what type of lipstick are you wearing?”
“Joe Fresh Beauty”
”Really?! It looks amazing.”
”It’s new and sells for only $6”

That, my friends, is a slam-dunk reaction.

The collection features over 60 shades for lips and eyes. Berry or Cherry? Peach or Plum? Whatever fruit you are, you will find a pleasing tone to suit your style and freshen you up just in time for spring.

Decadence was the theme of 2008; 2009 is all about chic and cheap. Cheers Mr. Mimran, you keep us looking good in hard times.

Products we especially like:
Light Weight Foundation (liquid) – $6
Cheek Tint, comes in Berry, Bronze, Nude, Cherry, Peach & Pink – $4
Eyeliner (pencil), comes in Black, Chocolate, Charcoal, Pearl & Gold – $4
Matte & Sheer Lip Crayons, comes in Sheer Pink, Candy, Apple, Bare, Berry, Brick, Cherry, Cinnamon, Malt, Bordeaux, Plum & Wine – $6
Lip Stain, comes in Sheer Pink, Candy, Peach, Apple, Watermelon, Cinnamon – $6
Eye Grooming Kit with Tweezers, eyelash curler, brow and lash brush – $10
Manicure & Pedicure Kit with soak dish, nail clippers, nail brush, emery board, toe separators, orange stick – $12

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