KAYAK’s Top Trending Destinations: What You Need To Know When Planning Your Next Vacation & QUIZ

Feel like hitting a beach, or a slope? Are you a wine lover, or do you prefer natural world wonders? Explore the world with KAYAK: the world’s leading travel search engine that will help you build your next big adventure based on your preferences, dreams and budget.

Head to KAYAK to start researching your next vacation. If you’re unsure, we’ve created a quiz to help steer you to top trending travel destinations.

Which combination appeals to you most?

  1. Vintage cars and outdoor street markets
  2. Glacier hikes and wild ponies
  3. Country music and cozy piano bars
  4. Vibrant city life and long walks on the beach
  5. Sailing, rugby games and drinks on the pier

When making travel arrangements, whats most important to you:

  1. Visiting a city with a fascinating political history on the brink of change
  2. Scoring a great deal on airfare
  3. Spending time in a lively city with lots to see and do
  4. Hot weather and city exploring
  5. Greenery and picturesque surroundings

Which music captures your soul?

  1. Buena Vista Social Club
  2. The haunting tunes of Sigur Ros
  3. Classic Loretta Lynn
  4. I just want to hit a sweaty samba club, okay?
  5. Ladyhawke

What afternoon sounds most appealing?

  1. Instagrammin’ pics of pastel-coloured buildings on palm-lined boulevards
  2. Wading in natural hot springs
  3. Sipping beer at a blues bar
  4. People watching on a crowded beach
  5. Hiking lush green trails and splashing around in waterfalls

What would you like to enjoy right now?

  1. The best coffee in the world with a slice of fresh pineapple
  2. Smoked lamb with potatoes, béchamel sauce, red beets and green peas
  3. Hot chicken sauced in a cayenne paste and deep fried with biscuits
  4. Grilled bovine fillet, rice and beans, farofa (toasted cassava flour mixture) and French fries
  5. Marmite and chip sandwich with fairy bread for dessert

Ready for the BIG reveal?

If you answered mostly A’s —> HAVANA

If you answered mostly B’s —> REYKJAVIK

If you answered mostly C’s —> NASHVILLE

If you answered mostly D’s —> RIO DE JANEIRO

If you answered mostly E’s —> AUCKLAND

If your answers were all different —> ALL OF THE ABOVE!

These cities all made KAYAK’s Top Ten Trending Destinations for Canadians, along with Casablanca, Manila, New Delhi, Guatemala and Bogota. On the flip side, the formerly popular Osaka (which scored top billing in 2016), Istanbul and Panama City have lost their lustre.

While the list above is based on Canadian searches only, KAYAK also produces a Travel Hacker Guide with data and insights from both US and Canadian travellers to help arm people with data-driven insights and ideas for their next vacation (FUN FACT: Calgary was named a hotspot among North American travellers this year.)

And there are loads more cool features! Use KAYAK’s Explore tool to help you find the best value in flights.

But don’t just take our word for it. You can check out KAYAK’s 2017 Travel Hacker Guide HERE for all the tips and insights on trending and wallet-friendly destinations according to North American travellers. With results based on data from over a BILLION travel searches, KAYAK is the best way to begin your next adventure.

Methodology: Trending destinations for Canadians are based on ca.kayak.com searches from September 9, 2015 to December 1, 2016, with travel dates from January 1, 2016 to December 31, 2016.

For Travel Hacker Guide methodology, click here.

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