If you could ignore your responsibilities and masquerade as a teen for a week, would you?

Overeducated, underemployed, creative, bright, funny and totally lost: Laggies tells the story of Megan (Keira Knightley) a twentysomething whose fear of decision-making and taking responsibility means living in a continuous state of adolescence. (Um, does this sound like you? No shame girl, we’ve all been here.)

Remember when figuring out your prom date was the most stressful thing in your life? I mean, it truly was stressful, but when compared to the pressures of adulthood that can include insurmountable debt, marriage woes, mortgage payments, career frustrations and taking responsibility for, well, everything, those high school days can seem pretty easy, fun and carefree. Oh, to not have to deal with LIFE! That would be nice. But no matter how much you procrastinate the tough stuff, or choose tequila over reality, shit catches up to you.

6 signs that you’re stalling adulthood:

  1. Your Saturday night friend circle is ten years younger than you
  2. You’ve been complaining about your significant other for 2 years, but you’ve done nothing about it
  3. Your parents pay your rent
  4. You always have enough money for beer, but somehow always go into panic mode at the end of the month
  5. You watch Netflix for six hours in a row instead of applying for that job you keep thinking about
  6. You pretend your credit card bills don’t exist

Truthfully, sometimes Netflix IS all you can do, but if you continue to ignore real life responsibilities, you will notice that suddenly there is a BIG difference between the way your life looks when compared to your peers. Don’t get us wrong, no one says getting married or finding that 9-to-5 job are the tell-all signs of growing up, not at all! Sometines the person with the best job or seemingly amazing relationship acts like a bratty, self-centered 16-year-old; we’re all succeptible to falling into a sluggish standstill. Point is, we can all learn something from Megan in this cute, uplifting, funny and very sweet film.

So yeah, if we could put off paying bills and instead go back to high school for one week to pass notes, hit park parties and smooch our prom date, we most definitely would. Especially if our bestie was cutie-pie Chloe Grace Moretz and our Dad-crush was the irresistibly sexy Sam Rockwell. And let’s be real, our real prom fucking sucked, so there’s no way that, given the chance, we couldn’t improve that mess.

Laggies opens in theatres October 24th. Watch the trailer now.