Poets Series is a kickstarter project where arts meets today’s poets.

Campaigner Melanie Janisse-Barlow began this project by crowd sourcing poets to begin each branch of her piece. After painting a portrait of each of them, she then asked if each one would select another poet to add to her series. The response has been astounding; this archive began to grow branch by branch into an amazing narrative of contemporary poetry. Poets Series is a celebration of the complex tangle of living poets that belong to a loose archive.

Poets included in this project include Damian Rogers, Dani Couture, David Seymour, Paul Vermeersch, Bob Stewart and Ken Babstock, among many others.

This campaign hopes to foster the making of the artwork, the administration of the information that comprises the archive, and prepare a beginning collection of this work for showings and a reading tour. Thus far, this project had been self-funded and it is hoped that with your support, this work can extend even further.

There are only THREE DAYS left to make a pledge, so visit the project’s page to find out how you can contribute to Poets Series.