Cy is starting to talk. Like a lot. It’s the cutest thing. He’s the most charming, adorable, curly-haired parrot ever. He’s got a bunch of words he knows (like cat, dog, turtle, piggy, etc) and ones that are more random and kind of surprising for an 18-month old to have any interest in, let alone say, like ‘garbage.’ And there’s all those words he just hears us say and repeats with mixed success.

He’s really good at articulating his ‘t’s. His ‘cat’ and ‘goat’ are exemplary.

But some letters give him trouble so he drops them: he points at a clock and says “cock!”

Or some letters he tries but can’t say at all, like the ‘Ss:’ he points at himself and tells us his name is “Die.”

He’s even starting to string sentences together like “daddy bye bye.” Or “cy cookie.”

Or when he’s at the top of a slide at the park and wants Dust to hand him a toy bus he yells: “up the butt!” (up the bus).

It’s kind of hilarious.

And kind of embarrassing.

Sigh. Kids…