I have a confession to make.
By now you’ve surely been wondering, where’s the next post? What’s been taking so long? Well, I seem to have caught a really bad case of Dexter. As in the TV show.

It’s not my fault. I’m placing the blame squarely on Dancing with the Stars.

Last week, with Dust at school and Cy fast asleep, I found myself aimlessly surfing channels, desperate for something interesting to watch. Sadly, Dancing with the Stars was the only thing on. Don’t get me wrong – I tried to get into it. I watched the first episode and must admit, when Jennifer Grey hit the dance floor a tear of nostalgia trickled down my cheek Or maybe it was a sympathy tear for her botched nose job. Either way, it wasn’t enough to reel me in (sorry mom).

The very next day Cy and I took a walk to Film Buff and came home with the first season of Dexter. That was the beginning of the end.

I always meant to watch the show, but since it began before the days of PVR, I quickly lost the plot after one or two missed episodes. Fast forward to today. I’m officially hooked. I’m still only on season two and it’s all I can think about. Talk about. Dream about. I rush home, put Cy to bed and run downstairs for my next fix. I can get 3 episodes in a night. Not as much as I would like, but I need to get some sleep. At this rate, I should be all caught up in two weeks.

Is it wrong for a mother to be obsessed with a tv show that glorifies a serial killer? Maybe. Maybe not. But it might explain Cy’s ‘killer’ halloween costume this year…