Kitchen Sisters  is an amazing event to benefit Sistering, an organization that has been supporting underhoused, homeless, and low-income women in Toronto since 1981. Food is a huge part of what Sistering does—last year they served over 130,000 meals. The Kitchen Sisters evening consists of a four-course gourmet meal, with elements prepared by a group of amazing female chefs. Taking place on March 8th at Mildred’s Temple Kitchen, this is a fantastic evening for an even better cause. We spoke with the chefs behind Kitchen Sisters, as well as host and actress Sonja Smits, about their love of food, and why Sistering is well worth your support. To get a feel for the event, check out the video from last year, below. 

Donna Dooher has over 25 years experience in the culinary industry, and is the genius behind Mildred’s Temple Kitchen. She helped create the evening’s main course: Beef tenderloin, Oven Roasted Carrots, French Beans and Onion Confit, served with Horseradish Jus.

SDTC: If you could make one meal for one person in the world, what would you make and who would you serve it to?

DD: To my husband Kevin. I would make him the perfect omelette with gorgonzola cheese, caramelized onion and a glass of burgundy.

Christine Bib’s catering business, Christine Bib Catering, has been one of the most well-respected companies in the GTA since 1985. She helped create the second course of the evening’s meal, Shrimp, Scallop and Lobster in Tomato Fennel Broth with a Swirl of Saffron Cream.

SDTC: What does Kitchen Sisters mean to you?

CB: Kitchen Sisters is a group of caring women, many of whom are managing companies that keep them running from daybreak till they drop into bed at midnight.  And they all find time to work on this event.  The camaraderie is wonderful, and quite frankly, the tenacity to ensure Sistering gets their new kitchen is amazing. I should also add that there are a lot of ‘kitchen brothers’ who are in the background helping us produce the food.

Maureen Watson from Sistering is the second lady behind that sumptous second course. 

SDTC: What ingredient can’t you live without?

MW: Couldn’t do without THYME.

Colen Quinn is the pastry chef behind Pangaea’s unbelievable sweets. Makes sense that she was one of the women behind the evening’s dessert, Warm Plum Almond Crumble with Port Reduction and Vanilla Orange Ice Cream

SDTC: If you could make one meal for one person in the world, what would you make and who would you serve it to?

CQ: I would make a meyer lemon and rhubarb dessert for my grandmother. She is my biggest fan and I look up to her on so many levels.

Anne Yarymowich, the second chef behind the main course, has been the executive chef at the Art Gallery of Ontario since 1996. 

SDTC: What does Kitchen Sisters mean to you?

AY: Coming from a large family with three sisters of my own, I am lucky to have experienced the tight bond of true sisterly love.  The support network that I experienced and provided; teaching, guiding, sharing and reaching out with a helping hand when most needed:

Kitchen Sisters embodies that spirit at its best. Withholding judgement, and offering help and support when it is most needed.  Kitchen Sisters is a cause that resonates.  I am thrilled to be able to support it in any way that I can. 

Carol Grey, a chef from Sistering, created canapes for the event. 

SDTC: If you could make one meal for one person in the world, what would you make and who would you serve it to?

CG: Winnie Mandela. I would cook her oxtail, rice and peas and stewed okra.

Trisha Beard from Sistering helped create the evening’s first course, Salad of Baby Beets and Hazelnuts served beside a Baby Cauliflower ‘Mousseline’ with Miso Toast.

SDTC: What does Kitchen Sisters mean to you?

TB: Kitchen sisters epitomizes the empowerment of women for women.

Canadian actress Sonja Smits is the host for the evening. 

SDTC: Why is Sistering such a great cause? 

SS: Sistering understands the needs and the complexity of the issues which marginalized women face in this city. 

SDTC: What are you most excited about for the event? 

The food, the wine and the conversation – all sure to be exquisite.

SDTC: What’s the best meal you’ve ever had? 

A meal passed in through a window on a train in Bali.

Tickets for Kitchen Sisters are $500, or $1000 for the VIP chef’s table. The event takes place on March 8th at 6 pm at Mildred’s Temple Kitchen, 55 Hanna Rd. Please contact Sistering at 416.926.9762 ext. 243 for details. 

~ Haley Cullingham