If we had to nominate a spokesperson in this town to promote local fashion, it would be a no-brainer to suggest Gail McInnes. The exuberant gal about town is always a comforting go-to when party chit-chat starts to get lame-o. Although Gail was seen throughout the ten days, here she fills us in on her last night out and naturally it involves a glamorous look and a bottle of Patron.

You look good Gail, head-to-toe, let’s go! 
Dress: Samantha Stoncius (Fresh Collective)
Shoes: Miss Sixty (Winners)
Bolero jacket: Deadly Dames (Doll Factory by Damzels)
Earrings: Rita D (now defunct Boutique le Trou)
Ring: Roxx Jewels (bought at one of Ukamaku’s pop up sales)

Beauty secrets, spill it:
Hair products used: lots of bobby pins, Kevin.Murphy’s powder.puff, lots of hairspray
Makeup: Sephora and MAC eyeshadows, L’Oreal Voluminous mascara, Lancome foundation, Giorgio Armani Red lipstick.

What event were these pics snapped at?
An Evening with Bokeem Woodbine at the Spoke Club, Friday Sept 16th. He announced he was coming out with his own single malt whiskey with proceeds going to benefit charity.

Best part of the night: Chatting with some of the Canadian army guys on the Spoke Club patio on their experiences in Afghanistan – a major reality check, especially when you hear about near death experiences and the reasons they do what they do. 

Celebs spotted on The Spoke patio: Just Mr. Woodbine himself, though there were rumblings other cast members of Total Recall might show up. (No sign of Colin Farrell or Jessica Biel while I was there.)

The night was spent… Avoiding that guy I had one unfortunate date with.   

Any swag? Patron Tequila was giving out silver keychains to a few guests who were trying out their new coffee flavoured tequila. (It is actually kinda yummy.)

How did the night end? Dancing at 2cats across the street and singing along to 80’s classics. 

Your last night at TIFF in three words: Humbling. Eclectic. Fun. 

As it should be. Another one bites the dust.