Anita Clarke, founder of style blog iwantigot, always looks striking on a red carpet. Snapped at the Moet & Chandon bash at La Societe, Anita describes her glittery outfit and the fancy wheels that escorted her from champagne shindig to The Ritz, to wherever the hell she wanted to go! This is TIFF, there ain’t no schedule!

Shimmery goddess she is, Anita describes her sexy get up:
Alice and Olivia dress from my favourite consignment shop (no, I won’t tell you where as it’s one of my few fashion secrets).
Givenchy Sandals purchased from Holts. 
Hermes bracelet from the amazing sample sale.

Anzie Jewellery bracelet I got last TIFF at the DPA gifting lounge.

My trusty orange ToyWatch courtesy of ToyWatch

Beauty secrets…dish ’em: I love TIFF for the free makeup applications.  I suck at putting on makeup outside of lipstick and mascara.  I had my makeup done at the IT lounge so I’m wearing some Stila products: Perfect & Correct Foundation, stay all day waterproof brow color, custom color blush in coral and eye shadow (I don’t remember the shade).  I also had some massive Ardell eyelashes applied.  I have no hair, so nothing was needed in that department.

Even on a slow night, Anita packs it in: It was Thursday night which was slow by TIFF standards.  However, I had a hybrid Cadillac Escalade and driver provided to me by Cadillac so I was going to make the best of it.  I started out at the IT Lounge after work and met my driver Mark.  It was a quick trip home to change into my party outfit.  Second stop was the Moet & Chandon party at La Societe.  I met up with friends Andrew Sardone and Sonja Andic (pictured) and we hung out until the free bar ended, which surprisingly was shortly after the party started.  Andrew and I then headed to The Ritz where we met up with Fraser Abe and had drinks and food. The rest of the night was spent at the Thompson Rooftop and The Spoke Club.

Best part of the night: Hanging with my boys Andrew and Fraser.  Mark and the Cadillac was also fantastic.

Best overheard quote: “That’s $27 a glass and $175 bottle” – says the waitress after the comp bar ended at La Societe. 

Celebs spotted: Anna Faris and Chris Pratt at The Ritz

Any swag? The IT Lounge provided a huge bag full of stuff that my family will be fighting over.  My favourite item is the new wireless Kobo eReader.

Quick, three words to describe your night: Celeb Starved, Caddilackin’, Spoiled (that being me).

How did the night end? With Mark driving myself, Andrew and Fraser to each of our homes. It was bliss.

Even a slow night at TIFF, Anita gets around and arrives home with ten pounds of loot. Nice.

Photo credit: Wendy Kam Marcy of Hip and Urban Girl