Photos by George Pimentel courtesy of WireImage

Last night was the much anticipated runway for Joe Fresh and let me be the first (or 500th) person to tell you….Joe Mimran brought it! 

I don’t even know where to start, the colours, the fabrics, the lengths, the jeans, the knit dresses….oh the knit dresses. I’m going to try my hardest not to ramble. 

The immediate vibe I got from the show: London schoolgirls in the 60s. The first few outfits to walk down the runway were conservative. High collar button up white dress shirts were paired with pants in camel and caramel. The signature Joe Fresh orange popped up throughout the show be it bright collar or sunset painted skirt. Hemlines were kept below the knee; this wasn’t for naughty school girls. 

Jeans were sprayed with, what I think was, liquid gold which sparked my seatmate to whisper cry,“To die for!” 

I had made a note that the tiny pops of orange seemed to be the only colour we were going to see. Then the colour train hit like Joseph and his mighty coat. 

A forest green dress! A mustard yellow knit! An azure blue jacket! A gold skirt with thick fringe! A candy apple red dress! As the colours became more brilliant, the skirts got shorter. It was like a ride at the Ex that starts off slow and then hurls you into warp speed, whipping you upside down until your cheeks blow the other way: a Joe Fresh technicolour rollercoaster! Sort of.   

Lesson learned: no matter how it starts out….don’t expect the expected at Joe Fresh. This was the hot trend of colour blocking at it’s best.  

Bianca Teixeira