When I was a kid, my mom used to make me heart-shaped sandwiches for Valentine’s Day. She’d even mix strawberry jam and cream cheese for a pretty pink filling. Opening my lunchbox, and finding those sweet sandwiches will always be one of my fondest childhood memories.

Valentine’s Day is often fraught with anxiety, but spreading love can be as easy as an impromptu dance among friends (see Casie Stewart and Lauren O’Nizzle) or a playful cuddle with the fam (see Afiya Francisco and her boys Felix and Desmond). In their special #SpreadLeLove campaign (so much better with the “le”, right?), Le Château reminds us that this mid-winter Hallmark holiday is for everyone, and the real joy comes from giving love. AWWWWWWW!!! GIVE SOMEONE A HUG ALREADY. Or share your cinnamon hearts, at least.

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Afiya Francisco and sons Felix and Desmond


Casie Stewart and Lauren O’Neil


Alexander Liang and Justine Iaboni 


Daniel Desforges and Julio Reyes


Erica Grenci and Lucy the Dog


Sarah Francis and son Alex


Lucy Song and Tu Tieu

Pretty damn cute! Check out all the #SpreadLeLove looks on Le Château’s site.