After booking it down to the Ex from Yonge and Jarvis in what would end up being a $30 cab ride, I made it to LG Fashion Week just in time to chug a glass of wine while waiting for the Pink Tartan show to begin. Twenty minutes of standing around later (why did I think it was a good idea to wear heels all day at work?) we were finally ushered inside the marquee to a full house.

While there, my friend living in Winnipeg texted me to ask if there were any celebrities in attendance. Scouring the front row, all I could see were blasé fashion editors, ubiquitous bloggers, and infamous social climbers. Oh, and Jeanne Beker, who was wearing the same outfit as when I saw her last Friday at The Room’s British Invasion event. Does that count?

As for the clothes, it’s official: the seventies are way in. Kimberly Newport-Mimran’s Spring/Summer 11 collection for Pink Tartan totally evoked high-class yachting with a vintage twist, perfect for the kind of woman that exists only in Michael Kors ads and back issues of Vogue…maybe also in the Bahamas. With loose fitting silk pants and neon chiffon blouses, what stood out to me most were the accessories: straw hats, wooden platform sandals, and oversized round sunglasses calling to mind Richard Phillip’s “Scout” painting.

At the Jessica Jensen/Alexander Berardi show, models modeled everything from oversized bags to tiny coin purses in breezy beachy summer wear, pausing at the head of the catwalk to pose amongst a montage of ladders and other props. Kudos to Jensen for providing guests with cookies, most of which would turn out to be dinner for the attendees.

The last show of the night was Line Knitwear, featuring plenty of midriff baring tops coupled with paper bag-waisted leather pants. My favourite was the grande finale dress, a slinky blush number that I’ll be dreaming about tonight.

by Caitlin Agnew