Photo Credit: Jalani Morgan, one of Hermann & Audrey photographers presented at Life Cycles.

by Kait Fowlie

Bike month is officially upon us! June is the time to show your little monster some lovin’ by taking part in some of the hundreds of events going on in the city. Hundreds, to be sure, but not all of them give back to the community like Life Cycles – a vintage bicycle and photography exhibit. Starting tonight, a series of bike events will be happening with all proceeds being donated to The Remix Project – a program geared toward helping at risk youth develop careers in the urban arts sector.

The opening party will be held tonight at 52 McCaul St starting at 7pm. The exhibit will be open till June 20th. The 40 – shot collection of photographs on display is a result of 8 international photographers spending some one on one time with their choice of one custom vintage bicycle. Their 5 favourite shots, along with the bikes they feature, will be for sale at the exhibit! Be prepared to feast your eyes on some sexy specimens of years past – the bikes are products of a full century of style and innovation. Supplied by Valentine Tomlinson (former BMX street rider / downhill racer / fixed gear specialist), the little monsters showcased range from turn of the century tricycles to retro beach cruisers. Hot damn!

There is a ton more happening throughout the 12 day exhibit, including a flat tire clinic, a photo bike ride, a jam at the Revival, and screenings of 80’s bicycle movies – which, might I add, are abundant in number and equally as abundant in hilarity. When planning your month of bike exploits, be sure to work in some of these fantastic workshops, parties and art projects! Not only will you and your pedal driven chariot benefit, but the Remix Project will also gain from you showing your fabulous self. For dates and details, check out their website at