“It’s less like catering, and more like a good friend delivering you a homemade sandwich,” said Lilly’s Lunches owner & operator Elizabeth Callahan at her launch party at The Bellevue last night. The place was packed, and people were reaching around each other from the patio to get at the last remaining Amazing Everything Cookies and pieces of Bikini Bread. On proud display outside was the whimsical bike from which Callahan will deliver homemade sandwiches to members in the downtown area.

Each of the sandwiches are named after Callahan’s friends and family, and you can order a sandwich, side and a sweet straight to your desk, delivered with a smile. Each order costs $10, and there will be a $3 delivery fee for destinations east of University and south of Queen. It’s the perfect solution for those of us who crave fresh, home-prepared lunches but can’t always get it together to make a sandwich and be on time. Delivering on a bicycle means Callahan’s service is eco- (and extra-) friendly. Food bikes are the new food trucks?

Lilly’s Lunches will begin delivering soon, so sign up today! A membership is a small commitment—just four consecutive lunches, one day a week—that will add a smile and some healthy options to your 9-5. Check out the menu here, and find all the info you need on memberships and delivery here.

Questions? Email info@lillyslunches.com. Follow Lilly’s Lunches on Twitter @lillyslunches.

~ Haley Cullingham