So because Jen McNeely is the best and because lately I’ve been this like sad, internal, Sasha-Jensen-in-Good-Morning-Midnight type girl, all dark and lost and contemplating my existence and shit, she sent me off to the Park Hyatt’s Stillwater Spa last Friday evening to try the “Pamper Me” Package that SDTC is so kindly gifting to one lucky reader this Wednesday. And, in case I actually need to convince anyone to enter—I mean…really?—omg, k, here:

Walking inside The Stillwater Spa I feel like Carrie walking into the Heaven on Fifth suite in the first (and only, amIrite) Sex and The City movie: “Hello…I live here.” Because: instant serenity and warm lighting and flowing water beneath clouded glass floors and the coziest robes and the tea lounge with the fireplace and flavoured water (cucumber, orange and lemon), the biscotti and coffee and herbal teas and all the fashion magazines I could want at my about-to-be-manicured fingertips (Come to me, W, Vogue and Elle).

But first there’s the Essential Swedish Massage, an hour of intense kneading all over my body that leaves me weak and barely able to audibly thank my masseuse because I’m basically high, it was that good. So I float, I guess? I can’t remember, over to my Cupid’s Cupcake Pedicure, which one of the employees tells me smells so good it will “make you want to chew your feet off.” And he doesn’t lie; I do. It’s got all the perfect pedicure usuals but withextra goodies like a pretty pink bath bomb that explodes in my foot bath, making the room smell like a dream world in which I actually bake, a leg and foot massage with lotion that I suspect is actually cake icing (WANNA EAT IT), and a hot (also pink) paraffin wax treatment that I soak my already delirious toes in before having them painted a sexy Deborah Lippmann burgundy.

Then it’s onto my Essential Manicure, where I sip Peppermint/Chamomile tea between the soaking, shaping and cuticle clipping. And then comes the hot paraffin wax treatment again (!), but this time with a shoulder massage as the wax hardens and works it’s moisturizing magic. I decide that I’m never leaving.

Luckily I don’t have to, as spa patrons get full use of all the amenities. So, once my tips are dry (I’ve chosen Fashion, a classic nude, again by Deborah Lippmann), I relax in the sauna and steam room and finish with a soak in the whirlpool. It’s like, snowstorm? Bitch, please.

I cozy up in one of the curtained-off cushioned seats, complete with personal TV, and text Jen: “That was probably the most amazing thing I’ve ever experienced,” and she responds: “The best. It is the best!” And guys, it is. 

The Details:

The “Pamper Me” package is available as a package exclusively for Valentine’s Day, but the services that are included in the package are available to be booked (individually) year round. The Cupid Cupcake Pedicure is available only through the month of February; normally the package includes the spa’s Essential Pedicure. Even if you don’t win the contest, this is a wUUUUUNNNNderful gift to give yourself or a friend/lovah (valued at $278.00). For more spa packages or to view all the treatments available at Stillwater Spa, visit