By Heather Christie 

Sitting down for nine hours can accomplish a variety of things.  You can hop on a plane and be in Paris, for example.  Or drive to NYC.  Or write an entire term paper (as I learned in my undergraduate career).  

Even better…well, maybe not better than Paris or NYC…but definitely better than the term paper…you could check out LipSynch; a 9-hour extravaganza of theatre, music, and various other multimedia. 

Don’t get me wrong, the performance is breath-taking in its momentousness and it’s certainly a feat to finish watching, not unlike reading War and Peace, but the enjoyability factor peter out around hour 4.  If you’re a holier-than-thou theatre type, check it out.  If  you’re like me, though, and you’re quite happy to be part of the great unwashed, this is a major red-light.