Little Nicky's, on Peter south of Queen, offers coffee, lunch options, and MINI DONUTS!

Frank, Little Nicky’s charismatic baristo and mini donut master, thought I was British when I came in, and claims he can tell where customers are from and what they want to drink the first time he sees them.  Though he was a little off course on my homeland, he and the shop were otherwise hip to the jive in terms of everything your posh coffee connoisseur could dream of.

Tucked into the brickwork behind the Gap (Peter St just south of Queen), Little Nicky’s offers tasty lunch treats (which fill the air tauntingly with the sweet sweet smell of grilled cheese), your standard espresso fare and more, plus mini donuts all year!  No longer restricted to stuffing oneself with miniature delights at Exhibition time (let’s go to the Ex!!!), these little guys are more delicious than words on a screen could tell you.  Shimmy over and try ’em yourself.

I don’t believe in a favourite coffee shop. That’s like being selective about where you breathe, there are optimal places all around you.  Some coffee shops are like a mountaintop breeze, some like swampy lagoons.  It’s all a matter of taste.  Map out your best spots in your day-to-day trajectory, and you’ll never be tragically decaffeinated.  We asked Frank some questions, so learn some more about the man behind the counter at our new go-to near Queen and Spadina!

Best rainy day activity:  Everybody chillin’, watchin’ movies
Eggs:  Poached, at Burger Bar (Augusta, south of College) for brunch
Favourite holiday: I guess Christmas
Best vacation ever: This past Christmas, surfing at Cabo San Lucas
Favourite kind of person: British photobloggers (blushing)

~ Annie Webber

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