Despite the fact that many people south of our borders – ahem, USA – tend to think that Canadians sleep in igloos, that is certainly not the case. However, that doesn’t mean we wouldn’t give it a try, right?

This year, Parc Jean-Drapeau will host Montreal’s first Snow Village Resort – a unique hotel/restaurant/spa experience that has taken off in Europe over the past decade, and that is somehow only touching down in Canada (the purported ‘land of ice’) in 2012.

The hotel includes 15 standard rooms and 10 prestige suites, a large terrace bar, a 60-guest restaurant (with seats covered in fur), a convention centre for meetings and conferences, and an Ice Chapel (where you can get married!) – all made of ice. Rates per night/person start at $259 and reservations can be made here.

Of course, you don’t need to stay the night simply to experience Montreal’s first ice resort – day passes are $13 (week rate) and $17 (weekend rate), and family/group rates also apply. There are many igloos to explore – just remember to bundle up!

~ Tyler Yank