If you’re not already a patriotic, indie music-loving Canadian, Live Nation’s new monthly concert series, The New Noise Live, will surely turn you into one. Launching next week, the project will highlight the best up-and-coming Canadian musicians while acting as both a platform for artists to foster their growth and a destination for what is new and hot on the indie music scene.  

The people behind The New Noise Live are just as excited as we are for the launch and gave us the scoop on what the project is all about.  

SDTC: Tell us about New Noise Live! Where did the idea come from and what does the project aim to do?
The New Noise Live is a new monthly showcase that offers a professional platform for up and coming Canadian musician to perform on. We wanted to create a space where independent bands could be exposed to the same promotional support and production value as any other Live Nation show. The idea came, as most good ideas do, over a drink and conversation! A few of us were talking about how we love the independent music scene in Toronto, and how there are so many talented musicians slugging it out in bars every night. We wanted to build something that could support and showcase their hard work and talent. It is going to showcase all different genres and types of music, and hopefully become a space where you can go and know that you will see something creative and entertaining. 

How do you go about finding bands and musicians to showcase?
Bands who are interested in participating in the series can send an EPK or songs/bio/photo to perform@newnoiselive.com or, if there are bands we know about that we think would make a great fit, we let them know about the series and go from there. 

How does New Noise Live differ from other independent music showcases and events in the city?
There are many well done indie music nights around the city, but we think ours is different because of what it can provide. Bands who participate will get marketing support through our many channels and communities, there will be a chance to connect with industry professionals who attend and opportunities to perform at future shows that Live Nation puts on, as well as a day in the studio, through a contest we are running throughout the series. We really want this to be an opportunity for artist development, not just one gig and forget it. 

What about this project has you most excited?
Is it cliché to say everything? Probably…

We are just really looking forward to the experience. We are excited to put the event on and to see how everything turns out and see what new music we can find and showcase. 

Whereabouts will the shows be taking place?
We are going to be hosting the event at different venues around the city. Our first event in September will be at The Rivoli, while October will be at The Garrison. Check outwww.newnoiselive.com for details on all of the monthly events. 

Who are three musicians/bands that we should be listening to right now?
So many!

1. Harlan Pepper
2. Mausoleum
3. The Ruby Spirit
4. Young Governor
5. The Balconies
6. Kim Churchill (not Canadian, but amazing)  

When and where does the project kick-off?
Our first show is Thursday, September 8th at The Rivoli featuring Harlan Pepper, Brett Caswell and The Marquee Rose and Ben Somer. Tickets are $10 and it’s going to be great! 

~ Caitlyn Holroyd