by Rosanna Carlucci
Like a shot of straight whisky his love burns me from the inside out. He is a legend, the kind of boy that my mother told me not to play with as a child. He is magnetic and pulls me in like a warm blanket on a cold night. We nestle by the fireside and his hands fumble under my beaded cardigan sending electrical impulses through my nervous system. My eyes close and the fairytale unfolds. As he kisses me deeply I begin to picture the three-bedroom house that we will share and the three little boys that will fill each room with laughter. And then I see the lonely nights as I sit at an empty table and the reckless mornings full of excuses.

“Boys like that”, my mother used to say, “Their wiring is all messed up. The wire that connects the heart to the brain is frayed and broken and beyond repair. That feeling that you feel, that intensity, is merely that live wire that snaps back and forth inside him, making each kiss, each stare, and each touch… electric.”

When I open my eyes he his staring at me and I feel his desire. I kiss him firmly and begin to lift his shirt above his head; I resolve that tonight I want to be electrocuted…

There is something about the holiday season that puts me in the mood for fireplaces and beaded cardigans. The cardigan is usually defined as a collarless knitted sweater with buttons down the front. Beaded cardigans are usually adorned with intricate beading around the collar and down the front of the sweater in various patterns. Gaining great popularity in the fifties the beaded cardigan was a staple in every lady’s wardrobe. At the time, twin sets worn with pearls atop a fitted or pleated full skirt were examples of very popular “day” looks. The beaded patterns on the cardigans varied from elaborate floral designs around the collar to playful hearts and bows embellished with pearls or crystals.

For their fall 2008 collection, retailers like French Connection and Forever21 have taken the beaded cardigan and recreated this classic for today’s vintage vixens. Whether you are sitting by the fire this holiday season or wrapping presents for those you love, make sure this beaded little number makes an appearance.