Do you like Elton John? Ballet? What about drag queens? Obviously, yeah? Want to see something that puts all of those things together on one stage? Heck yes you do! Well, what luck, because the Alberta Ballet, the same company who brought you Joni Mitchell’s enchanting Fiddle and The Drum ballet is bringing their acclaimed collaboration with superstar Elton John, Love Lies Bleeding, to Toronto’s Sony Centre for the Performing Arts, November 8 – 12.

Based on the life and career of the wacky pop music legend himself, Love Lies Bleeding follows the story of an obsessive Elton John fan and turns into a fantasy in which he experiences the crazy, excessive, sex, drugs and rock n’ roll roller-coaster ride that has been John’s career. Yes, complete with drag queens, demon’s wearing cod-pieces, fire-shooting roller skates, glittery costumes and a mix of the icon’s best-loved and lesser known songs. Oh ya, and it’s a ballet. Really. It’s like Cirque de Soleil meets Swan Lake. On drugs. Cool, right?

Created by the Alberta Ballet’s internationally renowned artistic director and choreographer Jean Grand-Maitre, the contemporary, semi-abstract show was hugely successful in Alberta last year and makes its Toronto debut for The Sony Centre’s 51st season. It’s a wild look at the trials and tribulations of becoming a pop superstar and is sure to be a hell of a wicked time. People doing ballet to Bennie and The Jets? We’re into that hard.

Get a sneak peek here and buy tickets here.

~ Lindsay Tapscott