Last Thursday, to officially announce the launch of “the year’s newest and smoothest premium beverage,” a few hundred eager partiers flocked to Uniun Nightclub to shake their groove thang to a “secret” surprise DJ and sip Bud Light Platinum. 

Anyone who was sent a hush hush press release & accompanying branded steel briefcase with Bud Light Platinum samples inside knew well in advance that the surprise DJ was Mad Decent founder, super-producer & sorcerer of booty shaking Diplo. Leading up to the event, word spread through the grapevine and when the night arrived, everyone knew where to go and who would be there.Other than press releases and old fashioned word-of-mouth, apparently his name was leaked for a brief minute on the Facebook event page, which ignited talk like wildfire. Whether it was strategy or a mistake, itcertainly helped to generate buzz.  Oh, and did we mention the entire night was free? Free free free! #free. Free Diplo and free beer, is your FOMO flaring up?

Before Diplo started and Toronto locals Thugli were warming up the crowds, I made my way behind the DJ booth to try and secure a good position. Things proceeded to get pretty squishy. When Diplo started spinning, more and more people tried to get as close as physics would allow. Diplo even snapped his own pic of the crowds. The DJ booth itself was filled to capacity with VIPs. And by that I mean Toronto socialites, the cool clique in high school who were all grown up, guys so hot it made me anxious, and security guards who were mean to me: “Why are you standing there?! Get out of the way!” 

In conclusion: Do people like Diplo? HECK FREAKING YES! He played a top notch DJ set filled with every genre under the sun mixed together, his & Major Lazer’s hits like Get Free and Pon De Floor, and even at one point mixed dubstep with salsa. And we all danced our pants off like it was Friday not Thursday.

Photos by Becca Lemire