Click the video to check out this week’s K-Y Intimacy Experiment in the Grocery Store

Okay – so the video above is not really about squeezing chocolate onto one another’s back after building a thatched roof hut, fighting off a poisonous snake and fishing with a handmade spear, but rather opening up the channels of communication in the bedroom. (That said, I would really like the opportunity to be stuck with my husband in….let’s say an elevator for 3 hours and a bunny bottle of quick – if only to see the look on the fireman’s face upon catching us with our nickers down and chocolate mess on our groins and gunked up in our hair, that when the fire men. Oooh, and especially so if said fireman was Denis Leary from Rescue Me – but I digress.) Anyhow, sometimes it’s difficult to talk about what we want, when it comes to sex. Maybe your man really wants more attention spent on stimulating his prostate gland but thinks you’ll be grossed out asking you to stick your finger up his asshole. Maybe you want a little S&M in your life….tied to the bed and spanked. Or maybe both of you want to do it on the washing machine – and for whatever reason, this conversation never comes up over dinner. Perhaps it is something as simple as, “Honey, I wish you kissed me every night before we went to bed.” For some couples, these conversations are easy – and for others perhaps completely nerve-wracking. Heck, maybe we’re too busy watching Jon Stewart or checking our Facebook that we just don’t talk.

The grocery excercise that K-Y Intimacy couple Ramona and Dave did with sex therapist Teesha Morgan might seem silly (personally, I can’t wait to run around Honest Ed’s and find the one item I’d take to the deserted island to fulfill my sexual desires) but what it does is provides the couple with a playful catalyst for conversation. I mean, you are already probably doing the grocery shopping at Metro on a Sunday eve – why not runaround and play a game? Once you are home, take that game a little further and who knows what secret desires may surface. Oh – and just a tip – if grabbing a pomegranate somehow does lead to prostate stimulation, take it from me and go easy.