This Sunday July 9th, from 2 to 4pm, use your creativity for good! As part of the Community Arts Space: Art is Change program at the Gardiner Museum, budding writers and artists can join a FREE workshop led by Madeleine Co. artist Kaya Joan and learn how to make self-published magazines to get their social message out there.

Known for projects that re-imagine social issues through experiential storytelling and multimedia art, Madeleine Co. is excited to share sneak peeks from the series This Art Works! and unlock the potential for the public to contribute to art-making and social change.

Align your artistic talents with your ethics to make your voice heard! This is a seriously awesome way to spend a Sunday, and a whole new way to experience life at the Gardiner.

Check out all the Madeleine Co. free summer workshops here. Find out more about the Community Arts Space program here.