Make Sale with Seven Sexy Vendors this Sunday on the Sky Yard

Lauren Baker, owner of Ossington’s luxe costume closet, Lab Consignment, is celebrating many things all at once this Sunday, and seven is the special number. You see, The Drake Hotel turned seven (Bonne Fete!) so Baker has gathered seven stylish vendors that we lovelovelovex7 to have a fancy yard sale of sorts on the Sky Yard.

Who will be flogging their pretty wares? Oh sweetie, the very best.

Silver Falls Vintage – ladies vintage clothing.
SLO(Handmade In Toronto) – mittens, scarves & totes all from reclaimed fabrics!
Robber – contemporary clothing, for men and women, that makes us drool.
Rac Boutique -the Yorkville gem where we find amazing dresses from our favourite designers.
LAB Consignment – where the trendiest style mavens recycle clothes you want.
Alynne Lavigne Vintage Jewelry.
Fischer Street Jewelry
Foe and Dear Jewelry

Let’s go play dress-up together and then settle at the bar to sip dry martinis.

If this sort of thing is what you are alllll about then you should probs follow Baker on Twitter @LABConsignment.

The Drake Hotel
1150 Queen West
Feb 20, 11AM-5PM

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