Simon Cole is the director/founder of COOPER COLE in Toronto.  COOPER COLE is one of the most exciting young art galleries in the city and is exhibiting an amazing roster of local and international talent.  In addition to running the gallery Simon is one of the founders of The Ministry of Artistic Affairs which is a social, art, education network for young professionals to learn more about contemporary art through a series of curated events including private gallery tours, artist studio visits, art fair excursions, and more.

He knows good art, throws wicked parties and has hot tattoos; but what, dear god, does Simon Cole want for the holidays? We needed to know:

1. A cool antique or quizzical treasure.
One of my favorite new shops in Toronto is The Chief Salvage, they have an awesome selection of antique housewares and unique objects.  Every time I go in there I find something I want to take home.

2. The man likes nice vintage.
I would love to get some new vintage clothes from Penny Arcade on Dundas, they have really stepped up their mens selection. I will likely do some of my shopping there too, my girlfriend really wants a bathing suit from Minnow for next summer. I will probably also get her something from Chosen, I saw some cool 90s rock jewelery last time I was there.

3. Demons Claws; it’s not as scary as it sounds.
If someone got me the new Demons Claws record put out by Telephone Explosion Records I would be pretty stoked.

4. Fireside reading.
Subscriptions to Bad Day and Hunter & Cook would be cool. Also some zines fron No Fun and Nowhere Fast.  

5. Original art, duh.
Of course I would love to get some original art as a gift, specifically something from Toronto-based artist Jesse Harris.  I really dig his work, it’s smart and affordable.  I am also really in to NYC artist Todd James who is currently exhibiting at the gallery.  I want to add another piece of his to my personal collection. Todd makes bright, super ironic, and politically charged work. I think his paintings are really fun. 

COOPER COLE Art Gallery is located at 1161 Dundas Street West. We think you should go.

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