The 7th Annual Manifesto Festival is fast approaching, and She Does The City will be there to catch all the great concerts, events, and workshops. This important community-driven series of events strives to empower our communities.

For the past seven years, Manifesto has taken a youth and community focus in engaging at the community level with other youth, artists, and leaders. Manifesto Festival is a grassroots initiative that hosts a series of events that engage at various levels—with a variety of mediums like education, music, art, fashion, dance, and more.

This year, Manifesto is bringing a whackload of powerful and heavy-hitting multidisciplinary artists from across the nation. They will be leading lectures on The Power of PR and the Evolution of Social Media, just to name a couple. As well, the Manifesto Festival has made motions to empower women with women-specific panels and discussions like Saturday, Sept. 21‘s Women On The Move (we’ll be the ones in the front row).

Coupled with some wicked sets and dance competitions, Manifesto Festival looks bangin’ this year.

Check out all of their events!