Photos by George Pimentel courtesy of WireImage

Someone once told me that before I leave the house I should take at look at myself in the mirror and take off one accessory.

I tried it for a while…it didn’t last long.

When it comes to jewelry, I say that there’s no such thing as too much.  Montreal designer Micalla, who showed on Tuesday at LG Fashion week, agrees with me. Her show was filled with rings on every finger, earrings that go down past your boobs and necklaces that go past your knees. There were bibs made of rows upon rows of pearls, vests made of gold chain and stacks of semi-precious stone bracelets.

That person who once told me that I should ditch all my bangles and baubles for simplicity was simply wrong. I’m going to wear Micalla’s bangles, with her chunky necklaces and her multi-strand earrings all at once. Even if it makes me trip, you’ll be jealous of my sparkle. *SPARKLE*

~ Loren Hendin