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Mistake of the Month: Lisa Lost All Her Music Files. Tell Us Your Latest Regrettable Move and Win!

Way to go Syd, last month’s Mistake Maker, whose real just-a-joke made her look like a real just-a-jerk. You win a manicure from Sparks Nail Salon! Thanks for sharing your story! Now here’s mine:

As the end of the March came to a close I wracked my brains for a real Mistake of the Month. Sure, I had gone through a major break up, lostmy monthly bus pass for the second time in three months, succumbed to peer pressure and danced around a well populated bar wearing an old beige bra, and also spent four hundred dollars on something I’m defensively calling “my fashion glasses,” but all in all, it seemed that March went off without hitch.

And then, last week, oh so ironically, I decided to listen to “American Music” by the Violent Femmes on Youtube. Great choice. Lots of fun.Yay! But, hey!, I have a lot of their music on my external hard drive. Why not listen to more? Cue plugging in hard drive. Cue searching for music files. Cue bewilderment. Cue weird desperate file search. Cue the deadening of my soul. Cue mental suffering and anguish. Cue Q just laughing his terrible laugh in my face. Cue you being like “Oh, that reference seems out-of-place.” Cue me agreeing but leaving it in there anyway. Cue me moving on to the next paragraph in which I vaguely explain why this was so upsetting.

Yeaaaaaars worth of music gone. GONE. GONE. GONE. Somehow while I used my external hard drive as a Time Machine backup, I also used it as a Memory Eraser, BECAUSE THOSE THOUSANDS OF SONGS ARE MY MEMORIES. THEY REMIND ME OF ME. AND NOW I AM NOTHING. I’m not going to get into how much I loved my music collection and how I used to be a gross snob jerk about collecting and organizing my music files or making mixed CDs and blah blah blah because IT’S ALL OVER NOW. Years worth of music just CRRRKK gone down that tiny garbage can of life. Blah. I am cringing.

So that was my mistake of the month. Maybe it seems inconsequential to you, maybe the music isn’t in your soul… baby. What if I took all yourmusic away and the sun and the air and all the things you love in the world? It wouldn’t be exactly the same, in any way, but it would make you feel bad for thinking my mistake was insignificant. I won’t do that. I’m not a mean person. Just a computer dummy. SIGH.

So what’d you do wrong this month? Something tiny? Something huge? Tiny or huge or medium or weird, we’re all mistake makers here. Leave your story as a comment below and you’ll be entered in a draw to win a manicure from SPARKS SALON


  1. MegLikesBikes
    April 3, 2013

    shedoesthecity Can you help promote us, to support spreading the message of strong women on bike in Toronto?

  2. monicaheisey
    April 4, 2013

    cue me LOVING this article and also being sad for you because if i lost my word documents (nerd alert) i’d be just as devastated. 
    my mistake is that i was so proud of my homemade vegan chilli that ate it and only it for almost three days. don’t do that. don’t ever do that.

  3. YarnDragon20
    April 4, 2013

    My mistake of the month was not following up on a hotel reservation when they didn’t email me the confirmation. There was no room or record of a reservation for me and my coworker when we arrived, and no one (hotel staff or reservations hot-line) knew what happened to the reservation…until it showed up on my credit card bill as a no-show in another hotel, in another country. DOH! Now I am trying to get the charges reversed. I will always make sure from now on that I get a printed confirmation!!

  4. LisaAmerongen
    May 7, 2013

    YarnDragon20 Congrats… you win! Email with the subject ‘Mistake of the Month winner’ to claim your prize!

  5. Saharrio
    April 23, 2013

    Here’s my mistake Lisa and world, hope you learn from it because I sure as hell have! I purchased what I thought were eye makeup remover pads but they turned out to be exfoliating acid peel pads and my eyes burned off. The clue should have been in the ether-like vapors that emerged when I opened the package.

  6. Vron B
    May 8, 2013

    My mistake of the month was treating myself to an icecream, after a day full of chores.  Being lactose intolerant; ice cream treats are a BIG DEAL for me.  I had one more errand to ran so I ate it on the go, knowing there was a limited amount of time between the time of consumption to the time I needed to be within 3 ft of a toilet.  Catching a glimpse of myself in a mirror after my last errand, I realized that I had been walking around with chocolate smeared on my face for the last hour and a half. And not ONE of the people I spoke to, mentioned anything to me.  Mortified, I rushed home to make sure the ticking time bomb in my tummy didn’t create cause for any further embarassment. 
    It was a close call, but I made it home just in time to run up to the bathroom.  But my relief was short lived; on top of the chocolate fiasco, I just realized that I had been walking around with my fly undone all afternoon. 
    Double Fail!

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