What is the It Girl series? We aren’t totally sure. So far, we know it’s a creative project, by a crew of talented Toronto women we admire, that has generated a lot of buzz before anything has really even happened. There’s a trailer, a FB page, and a few articles about the promise of a future; so we attended an It Girl party at the Soho House to find out more. Unlike anything we’ve seen before, It Girl is a fictitious story that is played by real people—instead of actors, we see prominent Toronto personalities like Broken Social Scene’s Brendan Canning and Fashion Magazine’s Randi Bergman playing caricatures of themselves as they are interviewed by Misty Fox, who plays Wren Marlowe or the “It Girl” who’s over it. The trailer depicts scenes of local venues we love (The Great Hall, the Gladstone Hotel) and pokes fun at and analyzes the shallowness of society life as experienced by a babe with a mic on a red carpet.

If you follow Misty on Instagram, you’ll understand quickly why she was cast for the role. With a bee-stung pout and messy bob, she’s a Drew Barrymore lookalike who documents her life as a makeup artist and young mom with infectious photos that are quirky and cute. Misty also gives off a whole lot of meowwwwwwwwww; she’s got sexy eyes and knows how to use ’em.

We asked It Girl creator and director Claire Edmondson to give us the quick and dirty lowdown on what’s up with this production.

SDTC: What exactly defines an “It Girl”?
Claire: An It Girl has has that x factor that makes her stand out. She has an innate sense of what is cool, is always way ahead of the pack, and has a personal style that others try to emulate but never get quite right.  She is composed and cool, she never tries to impress anyone, and she has confidence in all that she does.

SDTC: Can you become an “It Girl”?
Claire: I don’t think an It Girl is something you can “become,” but always staying true to yourself will go a long way. 

SDTC: MISTY FOX. We just like saying her name.
Claire: Misty is a true original; from her offbeat style to her outrageous sense of humor, she is someone who people love to be around, and we love her. She has that je ne sais quoi needed for the role.

SDTC: You have a trailer. Is the plan to launch a web series? Or TV show? WHAT’S HAPPENING?
Claire: Our original plan was to launch it as a web series, then move into longer format television  But that could change…

SDTC: How do you describe the show? It’s not reality, it’s not a sitcom…
Claire: We are calling it a “modern, dark, comedy.” We are painting Canada in a progressive light, bringing attention the country’s flourishing music and fashion scenes that are often overlooked in favour of a quirky or “rural” aesthetic. It Girl it embraces a real Canadian city and scene, but does so in a way that hasn’t been explored before.

Wicked. We can’t wait to see more.