Money. Oh, money.

By Karen Cleveland
I’m old school. My parents raised us that it’s not polite to talk about money, even in general context. It was imbued that discussing how much you earn or spend was gauche, and that simply no good could come from it. And I still think there’s merit in that.

We’re now in a consumer climate, however, where bragging rights for a bargain are touted with pride. Perhaps it’s the Winners mentality, or coming out of a recession, but it’s become more and more commonplace to flog, “I got these shoes for $50.00, half off, can you believe it!?”.

What’s still vague, and often awkward, is that a bargain for someone, can be a full-out splurge for another. Regaling tales of scoring 30 per cent off a $1,500 pair of Valentino heels might not be fitting to share amongst company who’s version of a great deal is a sale at the Gap. Our retail climate is a jumble of high-end and low-end (what designer hasn’t done a guest line for a mass retailer?) so take care not isolate people around you, regardless of where you shopped, or however great of a sale you found.

And in return for your anti-snobbery, may you be blessed by the shopping Gods, wherever you spend your hard-earned dollars. Amen.

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