Montreal Hip Hop act Da Gryptions are Back with Another Summer Anthem – It’s BBQ Time, So Take Off That Dress!

From the people who brought you “The Bixi Anthem, Montreal hip-hop act Da Gryptions is back with another hot summer single! The new single “It’s BBQ Time” celebrates sweltering Montreal days, sizzling BBQ meats, sweet summer tunes and cool Quebec brewskis.

The video is a crash-course in appropriate Montreal summer behaviour: partying on the Tokyo Bar terrace, sipping ice coffee at Club Social, spraying hot honeys with the hose, and skipping your Friday night workout to down Chez Vito ribs and cheap beers from the local dep: Labatt “Cinquante” 50; Laurentides and Tremblay. A final shout out to Corey Hart grants you full permission to rock those sunglasses all night long!

“It’s BBQ Time” is available now on iTunes.

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