From Oct. 19th until Nov. 17th in Montreal, and travelling to Brooklyn in January, a series of hybrid exhibitions will bring together two of North America’s most vibrant creative cities: Montreal and New York. The exhibits at Montreal-Brooklyn will strive to highlight the commonalities and contrasts between the two places, and 16 galleries will host the work of 40 artists.

There will be two days of openings, at a variety of galleries. On Oct. 19th, openings will take place at Galerie Division at 4 pm, article at 6 pm, and Centre CLARK at 8 pm. On Oct. 20th, openings will take place at Galerie de l’UQAM at 2 pm, Optica at 3 pm, Galerie [sas] at 4 pm, and Galerie les Territoires at 5 pm. There will also be a series of parallel activities and Saturday outings to support the event. For full listings, click here.

~ Haley Cullingham