Last year there was George Clooney, a pile of goats, and a glass house on The Bridle Path. This year, vitaminwater continued the house party tradition south of Baldwin Village in the design dream home of artist Charles Pachter. The celebration honoured the film Into The Wind, a documentary about Terry Fox, directed by basketball all-star Steve Nash. Somewhat baffled as to where exactly we were heading, we navigated with our iPhone and, on an unassuming residential street tucked behind the AGO, were greeted with Mounties, a paparazzi line, vitaminwater bottles lit up like Christmas lights, and a modern feat in architecture. Inside, we slurped back oysters, expressed awe at the walls lined with paintings and, for the first time at TIFF, felt very short. Wearing heels, we were almost eye-to-eye with the 6’3 Nash, but the house was bopping with sky high Raptors and their extremely tall lady friends. We said hello to Strombo, tasted some fruity colourful drinks, and felt oh so proud to be Canadian.