MTL FASHION WEEK: Dimitri-Chris: Master of The Foxhounds

By Kortney Shapiro
Photos by Jimmy Hamelin

A musky sense of intrigue paired with the hunting days of yore; that was Dimitri-Chris: Master of the Foxhounds this past Wednesday at Montreal Fashion Week. The designer’s unfeasibly attenuated and chiseled models were an irresistible call back to old world equestrian. Reminiscent of the boys from Dead Poet’s Society, the models walked tall in capacious not-your-grandmother’s-knitwear and layered shirts, overcoats, and capes. With masterly crafted tailoring, it was all in the details at Dimitri-Chris; hidden buttons, reversible coats, and an excess of knitted scarves. Mid 20th century tailored jackets with pleating in all the right places were evocative of the upper echelons of the hunting class at its best. The testosterone was rampant, played up by boyish tuques and chunky over-sized scarves. The slicked back hair and structured riding boots off-set the versatility of many of the designer’s detailed knits, all perfectly coiled around model’s necks. An unexpected take on conventionalist style? We saw high waistwraps over trousers paired with a textured tucked-in tie. Brilliant move on many levels. We are seeing a move towards the male demystified, showcasing men who wish to embrace their inner Knox Overstreet.

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