She’s edgy but approachable, witty but sincere and since we think MuchMusic’s hot blonde VJ is a pretty cool chick, we simply had to know what Miss Trinnear is dreaming of for the holidays.

She loves her morning brew
I’m addicted to coffee and espresso, it makes me a VERY happy camper. I would love to start my day off with a lovely cup of coffee from this machine from home.
Get her some nice beans from Ideal to go with that sexy machine.

Badass shit kickers (our language, not hers, she has manners)
I LOVE these boots. Last season I had a similar pair and literally wore through the heel from wearing them so much. I would like these bad boys as my new staples. So badass and chic in one boot (plus they give you a tad extra height, even though they are considered flat boots).
We think Liz would also like these hell raiser flats from JacFlash

Known to experiment with a blender.
I love my smoothies. So much that I broke my hand blender from using it so much (recurring theme in items I own, use em’ until they break). I also have been experimenting with soup recipes and these are perfect friends to help puree/blend the ingredients together. A blender is essential.
Maybe a membership to Fresh City Farms for weekly fruit and veggie delivery? Who wouldn’t love that?

Shirt clips! The magical thing that flips a look, fast.
I often over accessorize, and these are just another way to jazz up an outfit. They clip on any standard dress shirt (which I love to wear), and they are adorable.
If she loves fun accessories, then she’ll love pretty much anything from Fashion Crimes on Queen St.

Like us, Liz likes to plays dress up
I totally saw Shenae Grimes wear this dress on an episode of 90210 recently, and became obsessed with it. The only difference between me and this model, I’m so pale that people will think I’m wearing a white shirt underneath. You could pair it up with any colour long-sleeve underneath or even a long sleeve lace bad boy. So cute!
If that dress doesn’t work out, maybe a DVD collection of the original 90210?

Skeleton: London Baby Doll Dress
I have a minor obsession with skulls, skeletons and bones. I already own the other two skeleton tops from previous seasons of this print but now that it’s a dress, I’m so down to get another item to add to my collection!
And if there are no skeletons in the, er, closet…may we suggest these snakeskin print leggings from TopShop at The Bay? Seems like a Liz thing.

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